Natural soaps

My home is in Olinda in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne and this is where I make my natural soaps using the finest natural oils and butters. There is nothing artificial or synthetic added to my products and I have not, do not and will not use palm oil, ever.

My products are palm oil free for environmental, ethical and skincare reasons.

I began making my own soap for my family because I wanted a soap that was truly and simply natural and palm oil free. An honest to goodness soap that contains skin care quality oils for the benefits they offer to the skin.

Many commercial soaps are made with beef tallow and other animal byproducts that need to be camouflaged with strong chemical fragrances and colouring and have the glycerin removed and replaced with detergents so you end up with a detergent bar rather than soap.

At Sally’s Soap Shoppe I lovingly make all my soap by hand, in small batches using the cold process method, which means moisture loving glycerin is naturally produced and retained in my soaps. Glycerin is a vital natural by-product of my soap as it acts as a humectant, attracting moisture to the skin, helping to leave the skin well nourished and soft and naturally moisturized.

I research and find just the right oils to do the job I require of each of my varieties of soap and then I keep it simple! I grow my own herbs free from sprays and chemicals, use fresh rainwater and 100% pure essential oils.

My products don’t contain artificial additives, preservatives, lathers, hardeners or colours of any kind.

My soap contains many and varied skin care oils because there are so many oils that offer benefits for our skin, such as Avocado (super moisturizing and perfect for mature skin), Macadamia (packed full of vitamins) and Hemp (soothes eczema and psoriasis and is a great shampoo!) My aim is to make the BEST soap possible therefore I have a large range of oils in my repertoire.

All of my oils are purchased from Australian companies, some of my oils are Australian such as my Queensland Macadamia and my Olive oil comes directly from a Victorian olive grove.

I source the paper used for my product labelling from an Australian company who only deal with 100% pre-consumed office paper, therefore not adding to any more deforestation. I believe very strongly in honest labelling, nothing hidden or omitted. If it’s an ingredient in my product then it’s printed on the label.

Through this strict approach I have created a soap like no other. You can use my products with a clear conscience and a clean glowing healthy skin!

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