Natural soaps

My home is in Olinda in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne and this is where I make my natural soaps using the finest natural oils and butters. There is nothing artificial or synthetic added to my products and I have not, do not and will not use palm oil, ever.

My products are palm oil free for environmental, ethical and skincare reasons.

I began making my own soap for my family because I wanted a soap that was truly and simply natural and palm oil free. An honest to goodness soap that contains skin care quality oils for the benefits they offer to the skin.

Many commercial soaps are made with beef tallow and other animal byproducts that need to be camouflaged with strong chemical fragrances and colouring and have the glycerin removed and replaced with detergents so you end up with a detergent bar rather than soap.

At Sally’s Soap Shoppe I lovingly make all my soap by hand, in small batches using the cold process method, which means moisture loving glycerin is naturally produced and retained in my soaps. Glycerin is a vital natural by-product of my soap as it acts as a humectant, attracting moisture to the skin, helping to leave the skin well nourished and soft and naturally moisturized.

I research and find just the right oils to do the job I require of each of my varieties of soap and then I keep it simple! I grow my own herbs free from sprays and chemicals, use fresh rainwater and 100% pure essential oils.

My products don’t contain artificial additives, preservatives, lathers, hardeners or colours of any kind.

My soap contains many and varied skin care oils because there are so many oils that offer benefits for our skin, such as Avocado (super moisturizing and perfect for mature skin), Macadamia (packed full of vitamins) and Hemp (soothes eczema and psoriasis and is a great shampoo!) My aim is to make the BEST soap possible therefore I have a large range of oils in my repertoire.

All of my oils are purchased from Australian companies, some of my oils are Australian such as my Queensland Macadamia and my Olive oil comes directly from a Victorian olive grove.

I source the paper used for my product labelling from an Australian company who only deal with 100% pre-consumed office paper, therefore not adding to any more deforestation. I believe very strongly in honest labelling, nothing hidden or omitted. If it’s an ingredient in my product then it’s printed on the label.

Through this strict approach I have created a soap like no other. You can use my products with a clear conscience and a clean glowing healthy skin!

Natural, homemade, handcrafted, palm oil free soap

My quality handcrafted soaps are made using the finest vegetable oils and butters that all contain properties which are beneficial to our skin. Proudly Palm Oil Free! The oils I use in my soaps all have a positive effect on our skin. Only Pure Essential oils are used to scent the soaps and no colours are added. I use natural exfoliants from my garden, lavender, rosemary and chamomile as well as oatmeal. My soaps may also contain goats milk, natural yoghurt and honey. All are labelled using a 100% non-virgin pulp, recycled paper. While all my soaps are gentle and moisturising, I also have a range that are beneficial and soothing for those who suffer skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. My aim is to create a truly luxurious soap that keeps the skin healthy, soft and moisturised naturally. The use of Pure Essential Oils not only adds a beautiful fragrance but positively affects our emotions. The sum total adds up to creating a truly pleasurable bathing experience. You can indulge everyday! with Sally’s Soap Shoppe soap.

Smartly designed store

A smartly designed store could make all of the difference towards the popularity of one’s business. The fixtures may show your services and products within the most effective way, which could lead to higher sales.

After that you can utilize these dimensions to create a scaled-down intend on report of the region. Make sure to include every detail and options that come with the area, including windows, doorways, and reduced roofs to get a perfect office fit out

The illumination may perform an enormous part inside your shops appearance. You’ll need your visitors in order to clearly see all the services and products which are on show. The color about the partitions, combined with the lights, and the flooring must all enhance each other. You may even wish to contemplate buying some components, such as for instance timepieces, art, showcases or statues to create your store specific and distinctive. Check out Melbourne Office Fitout for more information

Still another concept is by using an unique kind of interior planning software. That pc software will require all your measurements and transform them right into a 3D picture of the area. It’ll furthermore allow you include features and store fittings in to the room, to ensure that you can easily see the things they seem like before purchasing them.

Now you need to sort out what type of shopping fittings you’ll need to precisely show all your products. What you require depends entirely on what kinds of services and products you’re attempting to sell. You could possibly get some motivation on the kinds of fixtures you’ll require at shops that already sell what you’re preparing on attempting to sell.

Utilize your document strategy, or your pc software, to check out the fittings in various areas.

You’ll need certainly to employ a store appropriate professional to set up all the fittings for you after your style is total. All main businesses may have an internet site where you are able to see the providers they offer, along side all their contact particulars on the web. Generally make use of a trustworthy and reliable organization to make sure that you’ll be getting a top quality store appropriate support.

Labour Hire

What is Labour Hire?
List of ASOFIA Members offering Labour Hire Services for the Shopfitting Industry

Labour hire can be defined as an arrangement whereby a labour hire company or agency provides individual workers to a client or host with the labour hire company being ultimately responsible for the worker’s remuneration’ (ACTU 2000).
The companies listed below are currently members of ASOFIA.
Please visit their company websites for more information.

Setter Outter

Large Shopfitting Company in Mitcham Victoria requires Setter Outter


Australian Professional Shop-fitters is a large Shop-fitting Company located in Mitcham and we are currently seeking a Setter Outer.

Job requirement is that you are able to dissect a project from the initial drawings, through to setting out, redrawing and creating cutting lists. Must have knowledge of joinery details and assembly process.

Must have experience in architectural joinery and be able to prepare cutting lists for large and small scale project.

To be successful in this position you will possess strong communication skills to enable liaison with clients, architects, builders as well as all operational staff. Your professionalism and positive attitude will be great assets enabling you to work within our friendly team environment.

Microvellum/AutoCAD experience would be an advantage.